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•  Anticipated Construction Projects to bid

•  Change Order Labor Rates

•  Current Projects Out to Bid

Construction bids for Bureaus of Engineering, Sanitation, Departments of Recreation and Parks, and Transportation.


•  Historical Bid Results

All bids received by the board of Public Works (1995 - present). For Recreation and Parks Department bid results, go to

•  Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network (BAVN)

Currently available construction and procurement bids and RFP's & RFQ's from all City Departments.

•  Programs Master Schedule

•  Project Award Status

Pre-Qualified Contractors Lists

•  Municipal Facilities and Related Projects

•  Selected Streets and Paving Projects

Emergency On-Call Contractors Lists

•  Emergency Geotechnical/ Structural Projects On-Call Contractors List

•  On-Call Demolition Service For Public Works Projects

•   Sewer Emergency On-Call Contractors List (eSEWER)

•  Storm Drain Emergency On-Call Contractors List (eSTORM)

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    Construction eBidBoard

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    BidAmerica Online Planroom