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Heading Bullet    Proposition O – Clean Water Bond

In November 2004, voters of the City of Los Angeles passed the Proposition O - Clean Water Bond, authorizing $500 million of general obligation bonds for projects to protect public health by cleaning up pollution in the City’s rivers, lakes, and beaches. The projects are intended to assist the City of Los Angeles in meeting Federal Clean Water Act requirements. Proposition O - Clean Water Bond will also fund improvements to protect water quality, provide flood protection, increase water conservation, provide habitat protection, and create open space.

Proposition O Projects located along Pacific Coast Highway

The following five Proposition O projects will be or have been constructed along Pacific Coast Highway between Pacific Palisades and the Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant

- Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 1: Marquez - construction has been completed

- Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 2: Temescal Canyon - construction has been completed.

- Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 3: Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer - construction has been completed.

- Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 3 Phase 2: Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer (Most southerly 900 feet) construction start spring 2014 to spring 2015.

- Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 4: Santa Monica Canyon - construction has been completed.

- Temescal Canyon Park Stormwater Best Management Practices - construction start Fall 2009 to Fall 2013.

- Map of the five project locations


The Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrade (LFD) projects consist of ten components: Marquez Low Flow Diversion LFD; Bay Club Drive LFD; Thornton Avenue LFD; Venice Pavilion LFD; Imperial Highway LFD; Temescal Canyon LFD; Palisades Park LFD; and the Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer (Phase 1, 2). The preliminary construction cost estimate for the LFD upgrades to the eight existing low flow diversion facilities and construction of the CIRS sewer is $20,000,000.

These Proposition O projects are necessary to help protect the Santa Monica Bay and shoreline as well as the public's health by reducing bacteria, runoff pollution from streets, sidewalks, yards and lots among other contaminants including litter and surface debris. The largest source of stormwater pollution in Los Angeles is the general public. These projects are designed to improve the water quality that is discharged into the ocean as well as to meet Federal Clean Water Act requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the projects being built along Pacific Coast Highway?

Answer: The Santa Monica Bay Low Flow Diversion Upgrade Projects are being implemented to meet water pollution control requirements from urban and stormwater runoff. The upgrades are being made to accommodate the flow increases from year round operations of the Low Flow Diversion projects, which is required by state regulations for clean water. The new sewer on PCH will provide increased capacity to handle the additional flows.

Will construction work occur on Pacific Coast Highway?

Answer: The Coastal Interceptor Relief Sewer project (Low Flow Diversion Upgrade 3 Phase 1 and 2) is planned to upgrade the existing Coastal Interceptor Sewer located in Pacific Coast Highway. The upgrade is necessary due to increased sewer flows associated with the year round operations of Low Flow Diversion projects. The plan calls for 1,400-feet of sewer to be constructed in the Will Rogers State Beach parking lot and 3,100-feet on PCH south of the beach lot. The project is expected to include 36" to 48" sewer lines. The estimated start of construction is Fall 2009. Specific construction impacts on PCH are being identified and determined. The city is participating with Caltrans, City of Santa Monica, City of Malibu and numerous city departments to maximize the coordination and communication between agencies with the goal of mitigating the adverse traffic impacts to the public on PCH.

Coordination with other agency projects along Pacific Coast Highway - "PCH Partners"

Several construction projects are planned by the City of Los Angeles, the City of Santa Monica and Caltrans that will affect traffic on Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) between the McClure Tunnel and Sunset Avenue, beginning in Spring 2008 with an estimated completion in 2015.

PCH Partners consists of representatives from the Caltrans, and the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Malibu working together to coordinate and inform the motoring public in and around PCH.

It is the goal of PCH Partners to utilize all coordination efforts including web sites to help inform the surrounding community and motoring public as to the status of construction, roadway closures and detours so that the impacts of the construction projects can be mitigated to the maximum extent possible.

More Information

For more information on Proposition O projects, visit the City of Los Angeles Proposition O website at, or the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works Bureau of Engineering website at

Inquiries: Andy Flores (213) 485 - 4496