Taylor Yard G2 Vista del Rio Project

The Vista del Rio Project focuses on the development of programmable event space and pedestrian paths for passive recreation on a portion of Taylor Yard G2. Per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) guidelines, the Bureau of Engineering is preparing a Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (SEIR) for the Vista del Rio Project. The project would include remediation, pedestrian pathways, interpretive signs, flexible event spaces, landscaping and parking. Soil remediation would occur, as necessary, to accommodate the proposed uses.  A parking area would be provided for the project on the existing lot located south of the property. Access would be via driveway connections along the southern access point of the Taylor Yard property (west of North San Fernando Road).

The SEIR is intended to inform decision-makers, public agencies, and the public about the potential significant adverse environmental impacts of the proposed project and provide decision-makers with an understanding of the associated physical and environmental changes prior to taking action on the proposed project. This SEIR updates the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Integrated Feasibility Study (IFR) project (often referred to as the ARBOR or “Area with Restoration Benefits and Opportunities for Revitalization” Study) (SCH No. 2008121014), certified in February 2018, and addresses the potential environmental effects of the proposed project  The purpose of the SEIR is to present only supplemental analysis of any potential new impacts that would result from implementation of the proposed project, which shares similar components of the ARBOR study.  Details and documents pertaining to the ARBOR study can be found here at: http://lariver.org/blog/la-river-ecosystem-restoration.

The previously scheduled draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed Vista Del Rio Project has been placed on hold. The City is revisiting the design of the proposed Vista Del Rio Project and is therefore placing the environmental review process on hold. The Notice of Preparation for the draft Supplemental EIR will be reissued in the future.

A public scoping meeting that was planned for July 15, 2019 at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, 570 W Ave 26 #100, Los Angeles, CA 90065 will also be postponed to a later date, yet to be determined.

If you have any questions about the environmental review process for the proposed project, please contact Talmage Maxwell Jordan at Talmage.jordan@lacity.org.

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