Land Development and GIS

Staff using NavigateLA, a GIS application created in-house by the Land Development and GIS Division

Land Development and GIS Division (LGD) is responsible for reviewing, identifying, and implementing the construction of public infrastructures such as street, storm drain, and sewer facilities in conjunction with City land development entitlement applications such as Subdivision Maps and City Planning Case applications. LGD is also the lead City agency in reviewing and processing right of way applications including Vacation, Quit Claim, and Public Street Names Change. LGD is responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating key City maps as well as NavigateLA, which is one of the most widely used geographic information systems by City staff and the general public. The Technology and Application Section of LGD utilizes the latest technology to develop and support wed-based and mobile applications for many BOE permit applications such as A, B, and U Permits as well as other key BOE functions such as the Sidewalk Repair Program and other key Citywide functions such as MYLA311.