One of the eight proposed designs for Downtown Los Angeles Streetcar Project

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Project Description

The Downtown LA Streetcar (formally known as the "Restoration of Historic Streetcar Service in Downtown Los Angeles" project) is a modern, local streetcar circulator with a round-trip length up to 3.8-miles. The proposed Project consists of the construction and operation of a modern streetcar system in downtown Los Angeles that would run within existing traffic lanes and would extend from 1st Street on the north to 11th Street on the south. The streetcar would run along 1st Street, Broadway, 11th Street, Figueroa Street, 7th Street, and Hill Street.  Additionally, there is an option to include an extension along Grand Avenue.

The Project would link several neighborhoods or districts within downtown Los Angeles, including Civic Center, Bunker Hill, the Historic Core and Jewelry District, Financial Core, South Park, the Fashion District, and LA Live/Convention Center. This dense urban area is the region’s largest employment center and one of the region’s largest tourist destinations, as well as being a hub for regional transit service. The streetcar's goals include improving mobility for residents, employees and visitors of downtown; promoting economic development and sustainable land use in the urban core; providing improved alternatives to driving in the congested downtown area; and reducing the environmental impacts associated with transportation.

Project Update

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) - Environmental Assessment (EA) Report

The Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared with the FTA as the lead agency and will be released for the Public Review on July 23, 2018.

Project Delivery Method Ordinance

On July 06, 2017, the Ordinance No. 185058 authorizing the Department of Public Works to use the competitive sealed proposals selection process and the Construction Manager/General Contractor project delivery method, and establishing criteria relating to such contracts for construction of various components comprising the Los Angeles Streetcar Project consistent with Charter Section 371 was approved.

New Independent Cost Estimate

The new independent cost estimate completed in June 2017 shows a total project cost of $290.7 Million (including finance charges). The project cost excluding finance charges is $274.2 Million to design and construct the streetcar using the locally preferred alternative (LPA) 7th Street route approved by the City Council. The cost estimate including finance charges for the potential inclusion of the Grand Avenue extension, if funding constraint permits is $15.6 Million.

Preliminary Engineering (30% Design)

In December 2015, a team led by engineering firm Mott MacDonald was selected to prepare the preliminary engineering (30% Design) for the project. The preliminary engineering (30% Design) was completed in March 2017.

The Final Environmental Impact Report

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was published by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (BOE) on October 24, 2016 and it was certified by the City Council on November 29, 2016. The document can be viewed and downloaded from BOE’s website at

Evaluation of Public Private Partnership (P3) Opportunities

In February 2016, the City selected Ernst & Young LLP as the financial adviser to assist with funding and P3 options. The City Administrative Officer (CAO) released an alternative funding strategy in August 2016 which explored the feasibility of public-private partnership (P3) to help address the projected funding shortfall. This report is pending review by the City Council.