About Us

The Survey Division is composed of four District Offices and one Main Office.

Main Offices:

  • Management Staff
  • Tract and parcel analysis
  • Right of Way
  • Dedications
  • Bond Coordination
  • Photogrammetry
  • Auto CAD
  • Research
  • Sewer MH Recovery
  • Survey Monuments
  • Front Desk

District Offices:

  • The Central District Office located at Piper Technical Center houses the Survey Division Supply Warehouse as well as the Central District Field Crews
  • The Valley Office located at the Marvin Braude Building houses the Valley District Field Crews
  • The West Los Angeles Office located at the Sawtelle Engineering Building houses the WLA District Field Crews
  • The San Pedro Office located at the old San Pedro City Hall Building houses our San Pedro District Field Crews

Contact addresses and phone numbers can be accesses by the “Contact Us” button on the left