Construction Surveying
Construction Plans

Problems: Engineers, Architects and other Designers that create plans for construction purposes often disregard tying their improvements to the City Control Lines. The Survey Division is now bypassed in the plan check cycle. In essence the plan may be good but the location on the ground cannot be accurately or easily determined. It is imperative that all City improvements be tied to Engineering’s Survey Control Lines.

Solutions: It is recommended that the Survey Division approve all plans that will go to construction whether City Surveyors or Contractors Surveyors will be providing construction staking. When the Survey Division provides a Preliminary Survey to an Engineer for design, the entire Survey is related to the Survey Control Line. This makes it easy for the Designer to do the same.

Pre-Construction Meetings
The Survey Division should attend any Pre-Construction meeting that will involve work within the Public Right of Way. All of the 96,000 Control Line Monumentation in the City of L.A. (The City Engineer Monuments) as described in the Survey HVC Program, are maintained and preserved by the Survey Division. All of these monuments are required, by State Law, to be tied out and replaced in kind by the agency.