Project Managers Guide

As soon as a Projects scope is determined, Project Managers should contact the Survey Division for an estimate if they are going to use Survey Services at all. Budgeting for Survey services that will be requested need to be included on the UPRS. Survey services are often overlooked by Project Managers. These services typically include Pre-Design Field Work, any Right of Way work, Project Horizontal and Vertical Control and any Construction Staking that will be requested. The District Office Supervisors can be contacted at their respective offices. The locations and phone numbers are included under “Contact Us” on the menu to the left.

How To Request A Survey Estimate For Services

A request for an estimate can be e-mailed on a standard interdepartmental correspondence form. This request should include a detailed description of the project site and the desired scope of work desired. There is a request form for Preliminary / Topo Surveys under Documents on the menu to the left. This also includes a checklist of items that may be desired on a preliminary Survey. Be aware that the more detailed a Survey is, the more expensive it becomes. The District Survey Supervisors are happy to discuss scope and costs with you.

Requesting A Boundary And Topographic Survey

Most projects that will include constructions will require a Boundary or Property Survey. In order for the Survey Division to perform a Boundary or Property Survey, a Title Report needs to be provided to the Survey Division by the Project Manager. If there is no Title Report available, the PM should contact General Services to get one. The same Request Form under Documents in the menu to the left will be used to request a Boundary and Topographic Survey. The request form should be filled out completely with a valid work order that is open in Engineering. If there is no such work order, an Interdepartmental Order for the estimated amount will need to be sent to the Survey Division Management Analyst. An engineering work order will be assigned to charge against the IDO.

Note: Any additional Survey needed after the project goes to a consultant that was not in the original estimate may require an additional IDO if there are no funds left in the original IDO. This happens when a Consultant decides that they want more than was agreed upon by the Project manager and the Survey Division.

Request you Survey early, a Preliminary Survey’s priority comes after a Construction Surveys priority. It is wise to give Survey as long as possible to fit your request in.