Survey HVC Program

Preserving and Maintaining Horizontal and Vertical Control

The State of California mandates that all Horizontal and Vertical Control Points within the City of Los Angeles be preserved and maintained by the City of Los Angeles. The Survey Division is charged with this responsibility and manages the “Horizontal and Vertical Control Program”. We are the only Division in Engineering that Manages its own Program. Because of construction, paving, earth movement and aging, many of these monuments become lost, damaged or destroyed. There are just under 100,000 horizontal control point and just under 20,000 vertical control points in the City of Los Angeles. It is a daunting task to keep up with the maintenance of these monuments.

Every property line in the City of Los Angeles is controlled by the Horizontal Control Monuments that we maintain and preserve. The protection of the public in this area is charged to us.

The Survey Division is committed to maintaining and preserving these monuments and to keeping and updating records that witness them.

Our goal is to save as many monuments as possible from being paved over or destroyed by street resurfacing or other construction projects. If you believe one of our monuments is  in danger of being destroyed or covered up please call us at (213) 482-7100. 

Survey Monument Bonds ensure the setting of correct Survey Monuments required for Subdivisions within the City of Los Angeles boundaries. This also assures that the Land Surveyor that sets these monuments receives compensation from the Sub divider.

Legal Description, Voluntary and In-Voluntary Dedications

The Survey Division is now writing  the legal descriptions for the Bureau of Engineering and various City Agencies. Recently we have taken on the Right of Way Section for the Bureau of Engineering. In addition we are responsible for the writing of Legal Descriptions and preparing Lot Line Adjustments, when needed, for the sale of City property. If  a City Agency needs a legal description they should contact us @ (213) 482-7100.