Strategic Plan

As part of the Bureau of Engineering's 2019-2021 Strategic Plan (PDF),  we have developed a new Vision, Mission and Values for the organization:


    Lead the transformation of Los Angeles into the world’s most livable and resilient city.


    To serve all Angelenos by delivering innovative, sustainable, high-quality services and projects.


    Equity: We are fair and honest, support inclusivity, create access to opportunity, and treat all employees and customers with respect.

    Creativity: We initiate original and imaginative ideas to support world-class solutions for Los Angeles.

    Quality: We work together to efficiently deliver professional services at a level that exceeds the expectations of our clients and the public.

    Transparency: We operate with integrity and are accessible to the public and our clients, taking responsibility for our work.

    Responsiveness: We engage with our internal and external clients, building lasting partnerships and providing excellent customer service.

2019-2021 Bureau of Engineering Strategic Plan (PDF)