111th Place LADOT All-Electric Bus Maintenance Facility Project

Updated: March 2023

The Final IS/MND and Mitigation Monitoring Program are available for review below.

Final IS/MND

Mitigation Monitoring Program

The Final IS/MND was considered for recommendation on January 26, 2023 at the Municipal Facilities Committee and on February 28, 2023 at the Government Operations Committee. The City Council will consider the adoption of the Final IS/MND at a future meeting that has yet not been scheduled.

For information about upcoming Municipal Facilities Committee meeting schedules and agendas, please go to: Municipal Facilities Committee Meetings

The official schedule and meeting agendas for the City Council and applicable Council Committees are available at the City website: City Council and Council Committee Meetings

For additional information on the environmental review process, please contact Lauren Rhodes, Environmental Specialist II, City of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering, at lauren.rhodes@lacity.org. You can also monitor this BOE webpage for updates regarding the CEQA approval process.


The City proposes to build an electric bus maintenance facility (EBMF or the Project) in the Southeast Los Angeles community to support its future electric bus fleet. The EBMF will be implemented by Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). The proposed EBMF will support up to 130 Battery-Electric Bus (BEB) vehicles. The City is in the process of purchasing the properties at 740 and 800 East 111th Place (the site) to use for construction of the EBMF. The EBMF would eventually replace the existing LADOT bus maintenance facility located approximately 2 miles to the south.

Construction of the EBMF would require demolition of the existing buildings on the site. The new facility would include a two-story operation and maintenance building, bus maintenance bays, a service building, a bus wash building, the BEB parking/charging area, and a second-story parking deck with a photovoltaic (PV) system canopy. Electrification equipment, including electrical transformers, switch cabinets, and bus chargers, would also be installed.

Property acquisition would be completed in early 2023, followed by the final engineering design. Construction is scheduled to begin in mid-2024 and be completed by mid-2026. During operations, approximately 312 employees would be working onsite, and the facility is planned to be open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.


The proposed EBMF site is located on a 5.5-acre property at 740 and 800 East 111th Place in South Los Angeles. The site is zoned M1-1-CPIO (Limited Industrial-Height District 1-CPIO) and has been utilized as a logistics warehouse for solar panels. Land uses adjacent to the site include residential and commercial uses, a school, and a community center.


Pursuant to the State of California Public Resources Code and Article 7 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), as amended, the City of Los Angeles (the City) Department of Public Works, Bureau of Engineering (LABOE) and LADOT have prepared a Final IS/MND. Pursuant to CEQA, the City identified no potentially significant adverse impacts and proposes to adopt the Final IS/MND.

Additionally, LADOT is applying for a federal grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). FTA would be the federal lead agency pursuant to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The Environmental Assessment (EA) would be prepared at the direction and under the supervision of the City of Los Angeles as the local lead agency.

Related documents for the proposed project can be viewed below or by appointment at 1149 S. Broadway St. Los Angeles CA 90015. For additional information please contact Lauren Rhodes at lauren.rhodes@lacity.org.

Public Review Period  
The Draft IS/MND for the Project was circulated for a 30-day public review period which closed on October 17, 2022. The Draft IS/MND can be viewed at the link below. Hard copies of the Draft IS/MND for the Project were on view at the Alma Reeves Woods – Watts Branch Library (10205 Compton Ave, Los Angeles, 90002), and by appointment at the LABOE office (1149 S. Broadway St., Los Angeles, CA 90015).

Virtual Public MeetingOctober 6, 2022

A virtual public meeting was held on Thursday, October 6, 2022, from 6:00 PM -7:30 PM, for interested individuals to learn more about the proposed project and the findings of the Initial Study. The meeting presentation and recording can be viewed below.

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Report (Click on italicized text to view report) Public Review Period Review Status
Draft IS/MND 09/16/22 – 10/17/22 CLOSED
Appendices 09/16/22 – 10/17/22 CLOSED
Notice of Availability/Notice of Intent    
Aviso De Disponibilidad y Aviso De Intención    
Public Meeting Flyer(October 6, 2022)    
Folleto de reunión pública virtual (6 de octubre de 2022)     
Recording - Virtual Community Meeting (September 1, 2021)    
Presentation for Public Meeting #2(October 6, 2022)    
Recording of Public Meeting #2(October 6, 2022)    
Presentación de reunión pública virtual (6 de octubre de 2022)    
Final IS/MND