Bicycle Friendly Grates Replacement Program

This program involves the replacement of catch basin roadway safety grates near or along various designated bicycle paths, lanes and routes, as well as within transit hubs and major transportation corridors throughout the City. Replacement grates will have narrower (¾-inch wide) openings that are designed to meet current, federal and state, safety standards. Work also includes to replace the deteriorated catch basin steel frames as well as the damaged concrete structures. The program is intended to improve public safety and promote bicycle usage as a viable form of non-motorized commuter transportation as directed in the City of Los Angeles General Plan- Bicycle Plan adopted by the City Council on 08/06/1996. Increased bicycle usage will reduce both traffic congestion and air pollution.

For additional information, contact the project manager:

Ding Lee Bureau of Engineering – Street Improvement & Stormwater Division
1149 S. Broadway, 8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Fax: (213) 485-4838

RSTP Funds Project Information

TEA Funds Project Information

Standard Plan S-342-4 (Link)