Coronavirus Hasn’t Stopped Critical Services of Bureaus within LA’s Public Works

Los Angeles Daily News, March 28, 2020

Even though many employees in its five bureaus are working remotely due to coronavirus, the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works will continue to deliver critical services, though sometimes in modified ways, the department said in a media release.

The critical services include:

  • Trash is collected seven days a week
  • Sewers and catch basins are being maintained and cleared
  • Street lights are being repaired
  • Copper wire theft incidents are being repaired
  • Alleged violations of paid sick leave and minimum wage are being investigated
  • Project Labor Agreement (PLA) covered construction projects continue to hire local residents, including apprentices and transitional workers
  • Proposition HHH-PLA covered affordable housing construction projects remain on schedule
  • Construction workers continue to be restituted with entitled prevailing wages
  • Utility companies are constructing and maintaining their systems
  • Street sweepers are keeping to their routes and are working around parked vehicles
  • “A Bridge Home” shelters are being built
  • Trees are being trimmed
  • Streets are being resurfaced and sidewalks repaired
  • Graffiti removal is being performed

The department has five bureaus: Contract Administration, Engineering, Sanitation, Street Lighting and Street Services. It also includes Offices of the Board (these offices include Community Beautification, Citywide Filming and Petroleum Administration).

The department’s current safety measures include providing masks for its field staff working homeless clean-up and shower/mobile pit crews. These employees are giving out blankets, hand sanitizer, soap and socks to the homeless.

Also, cleaning of bus benches and transit shelters has been increased, due to coronavirus safety measures.

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