Taylor Yard Bikeway/Pedestrian Bridge Project

ty ped bridge

Construction Continues on Taylor Yard Bikeway/Pedestrian Bridge

April 15, 2020

The Bureau of Engineering is continuing construction of the Taylor Yard Bikeway /Pedestrian Bridge across the Los Angeles River and will begin working in the river channel on April 15th.

The bridge will connect Elysian Valley on the west side of the river and Taylor Yard on the east side (Council Districts 1 and 13). 

The bridge features a steel-framed structure, approximately 400-feet long, which will be supported by a concrete pier in the central portion of the river channel. The bridge structure will be 30 feet high by 27 feet wide and the width of the actual pedestrian and bikeway path will be approximately 18 feet.

Construction work on the north side of the River is scheduled to start May 2020. Construction work in the River is scheduled to restart April 15, 2020 and end October 15, 2020.

On the south side, work is currently ongoing with the construction of the bikeway ramps that connect to the adjacent River Greenway Trail (bikeway).

On the north side, preparation is underway to construct a bike and pedestrian ramp, leading from the bridge, which will involve excavation and removal of approximately 1,700 cubic yards of soil.

In the River,  work will continue with the  completion of the bridge center footing, pier wall and bridge steel-framed structure.  

On the south side, the closure of a one-mile segment of the River Bike Path will continue.  Detour signs are posted that direct bike path users to exit /enter at Shoredale Avenue and Newell Street. The closure is a safety measure to protect bike path users.

Safety measures include signs, striping, ramps, and barricades to help direct and protect the motorist, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Additionally, air monitoring and dust control programs will be implemented during excavation activities.  

This project is part of the LA River Revitalization Master Plan (LARMPP), a plan adopted by the City Council in 2007. The LARMPP identifies bicycle and pedestrian bridges as building blocks, and discusses the need for a bridge over the LA River at Taylor Yard.

For Public Notices on the LA River Bike Path Closure/Detours, please check out the following website: http://lariver.org/ 

Construction and closure schedules may be subject to change.