Citywide Cat Program (E1907610)

The City of Los Angeles (City) Bureau of Engineering (BOE) is preparing an environmental impact report (EIR) for the proposed Citywide Cat Program (proposed Project), which would be administered by the City’s Department of Animal Services. The proposed Project focuses on public education and policy implementation in the City of Los Angeles. It does not include any physical construction of buildings or structures.

The Draft EIR is being prepared now and will be available for public review and comment in Summer 2019.​


In 2005, the City’s Department of Animal Services began to implement a “trap, neuter, return” (TNR) policy and program for feral cats. The City also distributed vouchers to be used for feral cat spay or neuter surgeries, issued cat trapping permits, and otherwise provided support and referrals to community groups that engage in TNR programs. In 2008, the City was sued, and in 2010 the Los Angeles Superior Court issued an injunction which prohibited the City from further implementing the TNR policy and program without completing an environmental review process in compliance with CEQA (Case No. BS115483). The City prepared a Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) in 2013 for a citywide cat program, but ultimately decided to modify the proposal and prepare an EIR for the current proposed Project. The contents of this Notice of Preparation (NOP) of a  Draft EIR have been prepared in accordance with Section 15082 of the State CEQA Guidelines.

Proposed Project

At its meeting on April 11, 2017, the Board of Animal Services Commissioners considered and approved a revised description of major project elements that would be included in the proposed Project. This project description was subsequently approved the City Council on April 26, 2017, to be the focus of the EIR study. The proposed Project would be implemented within the boundaries of the 465 square miles of the City of Los Angeles.

The key components of the proposed Project include:

  • Engaging in or providing funding for the spaying or neutering of free-roaming cats (feral or stray) to be returned where they are found.
  • Use of City facilities to provide educational programming on any animal related topic, including free-roaming cats.
  • Implementation of a Modified Trap, Neuter, Return ("Modified TNR") program, which includes establishing collaborative relationships with organizations engaged in TNR, utilizing Animal Services Centers for public outreach and training, guidance on how to address  resident  complaints regarding free-roaming cats, and waiving cat trap rental fees.
  • Adopting changes to the City administrative and municipal codes related to accessing funds from the City's Animal Sterilization Fund to spay/neuter free-roaming cats; and allowing an increase in the currently permitted number of cats per household from three to five with certain restrictions.

If you have any questions about the environmental review process for the proposed Project, please contact Dr. Jan Green Rebstock at 213.485.5761.

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Review Status Public Review Period
PDF iconAug 31, 2017 Notice of Preparation Closed Aug 31, 2017 - Oct 30, 2017
PDF iconProposed Citywide Cat Program Scoping Meeting Presentation    
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PDF iconApril 11, 2017 Project Description    
Initial Study/MND Closed Oct 03, 2013 - Nov 04, 2013
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