Los Angeles Zoo Bond & Capital Improvement Program

General Information

In 1992, the Los Angeles Zoo Master Plan was approved. This Master Plan includes the Zoo’s development priorities for the next decade and listed the exhibits to be built, renovated and expanded. The Zoo acquired funding for these projects from several sources namely, County Propositions A-1 and A-2, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA), the Zoo's Enterprise Trust Fund, Proposition K, and Proposition CC, a City bond measure approved by the voters of the City of Los Angeles in November 1998. The total cost of the program is $172 million.

The management of the planning, design and construction of these projects is assigned to the Department of Public Work's Bureau of Engineering (BOE). In partnership with the Los Angeles Zoo Department (ZOO), the Bureau of Engineering has completed numerous projects. To date, these include a new Orangutan Exhibit, a new Animal Health Center, the Winnick Family Children's Zoo, a new Front Entry Plaza, a new Sea Lion Exhibit, the Children's Discovery Center, Campo Gorilla Exhibit, Francois Langur Exhibit (formerly Golden Monkey Exhibit), Elephants Of Asia (formerly Pachyderm Exhibit), two major artwork installations and numerous utility system improvements.

The current active projects are as follows:

  • Reptile and Insect Interpretive Center - In Post Construction
  • Rain Forest of the Americas Exhibit - In Construction

The Mayor and City Council established the Zoo Bond Administrative Oversight Committee to oversee the projects at the Zoo. The Committee meets on the last Thursday of every month to review the progress of the program. Members of the Committee are:

  • Miguel A. Santana, CAO - Chair
  • Sharon Tso, Chief Legislative Analyst
  • Patricia M. Whelan, Mayor's Office
    • John R. Lewis, Zoo Department General Manager

Note: In order to see detailed information of the current status of the Program, please go to Monthly Status Reports.