List of Zoo Projects

Project Number Project Title Funding Source
Completed Projects
1 Orangutan Holding Area & Exhibit Proposition A-1, Proposition CC, and Zoo Enterprise Fund
2 Animal Health Conservation Center Proposition A-1, Proposition CC, and Zoo Enterprise Fund
3 Prop-A Artwork Proposition A-1
4 Pachyderm Forest Exhibit Proposition A-2, Proposition CC, GLAZA, and Zoo Enterprise Fund
5 Winnick Family Children's Zoo Proposition A-2, Proposition CC, Proposition K, GLAZA, and Zoo Enterprise Fund
6 Children's Discovery Center Proposition CC, Proposition K, and GLAZA
9 Zoo Entry Plaza & Sea Lion Exhibit Proposition CC and General Fund
10 Prop-CC Artwork - WFCZ Proposition CC
11 Zoo Infrastructure Proposition CC
11.3 DWP Electrical Conduit Work LADWP Fund
11.4 Crystal Springs Drive Sewer SCM Fund
11.6 DWP River Supply Conduit Replacement LADWP Fund
12 Gorilla Holding Area & Exhibit Project MICLA, GLAZA & PROP CC
14 Zoo Drive Relocation Proposition C and Environmental Trust Fund 846
15 Golden Monkey Exhibit Proposition CC, Zoo Enterprise Trust Fund, and MICLA
Active Projects
7 Reptile & Insect Interpretive Center Proposition CC and MICLA
8 Rain Forest of the Americas Proposition CC and MICLA