The Next New Boulevard in Downtown LA… Dynamic. Transformative. Achievable.

First and foremost, downtown Los Angeles needs an arterial backbone, one that will connect the Wilshire Grand to the Los Angeles River. But for 7th Street to serve in that capacity and fully meet the needs of all of its stakeholders, any viable plan must be developed from an integrated, holistic perspective. The Bureau of Engineering is undertaking the 7th Street Streetscape to fully realize its potential through transformative streetscape improvements that will make 7th Street a living, viable, urban environment for pedestrians, cyclists, businesses, and residents, as well as a vehicular conduit. The new 7th Street Streetscape creates a deep sense of connection and permanence for all of its host communities. Here’s how.

Right now on a daily basis, 7th Street is jam-packed with heavy traffic, marked, but unprotected, bike lanes for a brief stretch, overabundant utilities, non-uniform parking, and pedestrian-discouraging sidewalks. That will all change. From Figueroa Street to Alameda Street, the new cohesive, comprehensive, and practical plan will create an improved east-west traverse route for vehicles that anchors downtown, improves safety, and advances mobility for all of the downtown neighborhoods. But that’s only its most basic element. The Plan will also help stimulate business activity and foster a healthier, more sustainable living environment for all users. Considering all stakeholders equally, bicycle facilities and protected bike lanes, walkable sidewalks, vastly improved pedestrian lighting, and environmentally-sensitive streetscape will also advance both the pedestrian and transit experience. Through this comprehensive transformation, more Angelenos will take advantage of and benefit from downtown’s burgeoning economic development in a safe, esthetically pleasing, sustainable environment.

So, to guide this project properly, the city and the project team has held Stakeholder Meetings to welcome the communities’ input about their hopes, dreams, concerns, and expectations. Stakeholders include representatives from the Business Improvement Districts, and Neighborhood Councils, as well as other business and community leaders. Community meetings will also be held, and everyone is invited to join us and share their opinions. With a large portion of the project funds already secured, the new 7th  Street Streetscape will focus on implementing long-term, permanent improvements the business and residential communities want and need. Construction is estimated to start in Fall of 2021.

Stakeholder & Community Meetings

Previous meeting dates

  • Stakeholder Meeting #1 – October 4, 2018
  • Stakeholder Meeting #2 – March 4, 2019
  • Virtual Stakeholder Meeting #3 – December 17, 2020 (PRESENTATION HERE)
  • Virtual Community Meeting #1 – January 27, 2021 (PRESENTATION HERE)

Next meeting

  • TBA

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The 7th Street Streetscape offers a new beginning for a historic street with an aim of delivering a better quality of life for pedestrians, cyclists, residents, businesses, and motorists.