Proposition K - Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committees

Proposition K requires that Local Volunteer Neighborhood Oversight Committees (LVNOC) be established throughout the City to advise the City on the design of projects. The LVNOCs meet to receive information on the status of projects, gather community input, and advise the City of their desires and concerns regarding projects. A committee comprises of seven (7) volunteers, four (4) are appointed by the Council Office of the District that the project is in, and three (3) are appointed by the Department of Recreation and Parks.

The Bureau of Engineering-Recreational Cultural Facilities Division (RCFD) is responsible for convening and facilitating these LVNOC meetings. The role of RCFD staff at these meetings is to help coordinate and facilitate each meeting, and provide information and other support as needed.

Meeting minutes of these LVNOC meetings are provided below: