Check back here for answers to commonly asked questions.

Q: What is the timeline and schedule for the Master Plan project?

A: We anticipate adopting a Master Plan by the end of 2020. See our Community Engagement Schedule for opportunities to participate in the Master Plan development and provide your feedback.

Q: How will the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex Master Plan (SLRCMP) be implemented?

A: We anticipate the Master Plan will be implemented in phases. The final Master Plan document will include a phasing plan based on construction feasibility and funding.

Q: How will the Master Plan and any future work on the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex be funded?

A: Funding has yet to be determined and securing funding to implement the Master Plan will be essential. However, we anticipate that the implementation of the Master Plan could be funded by a combination of government, grant, private and philanthropic sources. As part of this Master Plan process, the Hargreaves team will be submitting two applications for grant funding to support initial implementation projects.

Q: Who will maintain and operate the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex after the Master Plan project?

A: We anticipate the Master Plan document will include a recommendation on who should maintain and operate the site.

Q: Will wildlife be included in the study for the Master Plan and future work?

A: Yes, the Hargreaves team includes a biological resources expert to assess and make recommendations on wildlife preservation and enhancement.

Q: Will the streets and sidewalks surrounding the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex be considered?

A: Potential impacts to traffic and circulation will be addressed in the Master Plan. The Hargreaves team includes a traffic engineer, and the Master Plan will provide recommendations and requirements for areas of future study.

Q: How is this project different from other studies in the Silver Lake Reservoir Complex?

A: Since the reservoirs were removed from the City drinking water system, this Master Plan is the first comprehensive study undertaken by the City to holistically reconsider the SLRC outside of DWP operations as a public space and amenity.

Q: How will the community be included in the project?

A: There will be many opportunities to get involved in the Master Plan project, including attending Community Workshops and events, participating in surveys, and reviewing project materials and presentations on this website. See our Community Engagement Schedule for upcoming workshop dates.

Q: Who is involved in the project?

A: See About this Project to find out more about our team.