Magnolia Boulevard Widening (North) - Cahuenga Boulevard to Vineland Avenue Project

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering proposes to reconfigure a 2,600-foot stretch of Magnolia Boulevard between Cahuenga Boulevard and Vineland Avenue to accommodate street parking on both sides, two travel lanes in each direction, and a center turn lane median. These changes would be accomplished by widening the northern half of the roadway by 7 feet to a width of 32 feet, within an existing 40-foot-wide alignment, and narrowing the existing sidewalks on the northern side to vary between 7 and 8 feet wide. Proposed project improvements would include: concrete curbs, gutters, and a 7-foot to 8-foot wide sidewalk; asphalt-concrete pavement; storm drains and sanitary sewers; street trees and lighting; and traffic signals. Two new crossings with pedestrian hybrid beacons will be added to increase pedestrian safety at both Cartwright Avenue and Satsuma Avenue. Additionally, the roadway would be restriped, reconfigured and upgraded to meet Avenue II Street standards.

The purpose of the proposed Project is to improve traffic flow, reduce traffic congestion, and provide street infrastructure improvements along Magnolia Boulevard. The widening of the north side would complement the City’s prior improvements constructed on the south side in 2011.

Construction of the proposed improvements is expected to start in May 2020 and to be completed within 12 months. During construction, one lane in each direction would be maintained and on-street parking would not be available. Construction would include grading, shoring, and resurfacing, as well as concrete forming and concrete pourings. Approximately 18 street trees would be removed, while 36 new trees will be planted. In addition, 26 power poles would be relocated, and other utilities would be relocated as needed. Parking capacity after completion of the project would be the same as present.

The Project would be designed, constructed, and operated following all applicable laws, regulations, ordinances, and formally adopted City standards including but not limited to:

  • Los Angeles Municipal Code (Reference 25)
  • Bureau of Engineering Standard Plans (Reference 33)
  • Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Reference 1)
  • Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (Reference 2)
  • Additions and Amendments to the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction (Reference 32)

Project Location: The project would be located on the northern side of Magnolia Boulevard between Cahuenga Boulevard and Vineland Avenue in Council District 2 and in the North Hollywood – Valley Village community of the City of Los Angeles. The proposed project is on the Burbank 7.5-minute U.S. Geological Survey quadrangle (California-Los Angeles County 7.5-minute topographic map series).

Anticipated Significant Environmental Effects: The initial study concluded that the proposed project would result in no impacts and/or less-than-significant impacts on aesthetics, agriculture and forestry resources, land use / planning, mineral resources, population / housing, public services, recreation, and utilities / service systems. Potentially significant environmental impacts have been identified in the areas of air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology / soils, greenhouse gas emissions, hazards & hazardous materials, noise, and transportation / traffic. Compliance with City Standard Construction Specifications, Standard Conditions and Regulatory Requirements will lessen these impacts to a less than significant level.

The Final IS/ND and approval of the proposed Project are pending consideration by the City’s Board of Public Works and action by City Council. The Board of Public Works recommendation for approval and City Council consideration of certification of the Final IS/ND will be held at future meetings that have not yet been scheduled.

The official schedule and meeting agendas for the Board of Public Works and City Council and applicable Council Committees are available at the following respective City websites:

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Draft Initial Study/Negative Declaration Closed August 23, 2018 - January 4, 2019
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