Construction Permits Information

An "A" Permit (LAMC 62.106.a) is issued only for the repair, construction or reconstruction of curbs, sidewalks, driveway approaches or gutters, and work appurtenant to the foregoing, or work within a public easement, where the work contemplated is limited in extent and can be constructed to match existing grades without a survey or engineered plans. "A" Permits are often issued in conjunction with sewer permits which require excavation in a public street. Driveways and sidewalks involving the relocation of water meter and gas valve boxes, street light and traffic signal conduit and pull boxes and parking meters, require coordination with the appropriate agencies. Please click here to view more information on the "A" Permit.

"B" Permit (LAMC 62.106.b) is issued for extensive public works improvements including the widening of streets and alleys, the changing of existing street grade, construction of bridges, retaining walls, and the installation of sewer, storm drains, street lighting, and traffic signals. Construction plans are usually required which must be signed by a California licensed Civil and/or Electrical and/or Traffic Engineer. Please click here to view more information on the "B" Permit.

Construction projects which will require public Right-of-Ways to be trenched or excavated must obtain an excavation permit. Electrolier and pull box relocations, monitoring wells, soil borings, potholes drilling in public Right-of-Ways also need to obtain an excavation permit. Information about the location of underground utilities, as well as construction standards, are obtained at the District Office permit counter. Additionally, excavation and shoring plans are approved and permits needed to commence work immediately adjacent to public Right-of-Ways. In some cases special insurance or bonds be required to be posted in connection with the project, these transactions may be handled at the permit counter. Please click here to view more information on the Excavation Permit.

An "E" Permit (LAMC 6.2) is issued for jobs in or adjacent to public streets for the purposes of the street light relocation, shoring (lateral support), monitoring well, soilboring, private conduits (non-franchise), and others. Please click here to view more information on the "E" Permit.

The purpose of the Revocable Permit (R-Permit) is to grant conditional encroachment of the public right-of-way by private parties not authorized to occupy the right-of-way. The R-Permit review process ensures that encroachments are checked for compliance with the City's specifications for design, use, material, and inspection. Please click here to view more information on the Revocable Permit.

The online Sewer "S" Permit Application is for Sewer & Storm Drain Permit. Municipal Code Section 64.12 - House Sewer Connection -Permit (Amended by Ord. No. 150,478, Eff 2/6/78). Please click here to view more information on the Sewer "S" Permit.

The online application is for a refund of less than $29,457.00. This online Claim for Refund is only for Class "A" Permits, S - Permits (Sewer Permits), U - Permits (Utility Permits), and Sewer Facility Charges (SFC). Please click here to view more information on the Claim For Refund form.

The online Planning Case Information. Section 62.106.1(a)(4) LAMC provides for the Bureau of Engineering to collect a fee for the preparation of required reports in conjunction with certain planning cases referred from the City Planning Department. Please click here to view more on the "Planning Case Information".